Saturday, December 02, 2006

Productive evening :D

I have seven pairs of shorts all cut and ready to go with fabric matched for their pockets and patches. Two pairs are for Lily though as she is in need of a new pair of shorts.

My sis Megsie, Lachie, Tully and Asher are coming to stay for the week on Sunday YEAH. We're going to have a sewing and craft blitz, so I bought some stunningly gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric 'Paper Weight' to make some cute little sundresses for Lily and Tully. Should be fun.


  1. Oh Tikki!! I love that fabric!!

    Maybe NC should have a scheduled outage for a whole day and night once a month so more houses will get clean and things made LOL

  2. It's getting a little scary here though;this morning I polished the brass lightswitch plates and bathroom taps *GASP* LOL

  3. oooh pretty! cant wait to see finished dresses:)

  4. ooohhh Kaffe..I wish I were a size 2 ;)

    and well yes NC outage can good for some things :) but I want it back!


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