Thursday, December 07, 2006

DH's confusing Apple

Took some good shots last night of our sewing progress here but I've packed my computer away and am using Andy's flasho spicko apple computer (which I really don't knw how to use lol ~ so I can't upload the photos) Andy arrived home from townsville today BIG YEAHs from us so He might show me tomorrow if I'm lucky; otherwise I'll have to drag out the laptop.

Anyway Lily now has a very cute rainbow baby doll dress; and I taught Megsie how to make them so Tully has a gorgeous one too. While we were in shirring heaven I also whipped up three to put on ozebaby ~ but not quite finished yet!!

YEAH!!! figured out how to add photos on DH's computer. Here's a sneak look at the baby doll dresses made; the rainbow one is obviously Lily's. Tully's is the green/poink one, and the other two are destined for ozebaby.


  1. OOh as usual the fabrics are fab!

  2. Love those dresses - you may have to "share" the pattern with me if I "share" some nice fabric with you :D


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