Thursday, October 20, 2011

blogtoberfest: er...umm. day.....20?

So we can establish that as predicted, I am pretty crap at posting every day in the blogtober thing. Not to worry!
Maybe I should try again for November?

Whence last I was home and blogging I did so promise a pattern pimp fest, as my sister Megsie reminded so nicely, "What happened to the pattern pimpest?"
Yes, well...good intentions and all that.

It's actually been so long since I blogged regularly that there are patterns that I released way back in June that I haven't blogged about. (I just looked that up, and to be honest I thought it was much longer ago than that!)

Today's pattern pimp is for a garment I finished and blogged about way back in March.


Well, after a rigorous testing process this pattern was released in June.

I must say it has served us well this year. I have another one on the needles that I had intended for my niece Tully, but she's changed school and blue is now not the colour for her. I think I'll save it for next year to make another for Lily with longer sleeves, because she won't grow widthwise!

My testers tested this in different colours, like maroon and red, and I have to say I so love it in those tones. I can almost see me knitting myself a red one. Oh for the time to do so!!!
I think this is a cardigan that definitely should not be just for school!

Lily's worn this all through the year and it looked equally cute with her summer dress and her winter kilt.

I bought an electric fabric de-piller and that has been awesome for tidying up any pills to keep it looking its best. Apart from that a quick wash in the machine has kept it going. And at almost the end of her first year of school, I have to say it's in much better nick and far brighter than the faded windcheaters many of her class mates wear.

So if you feel so inclined to knit your little scholar a school cardie, the pattern is available in my Ravelry pattern store for $AUD6.

It's seamless, topdown and fits chest sizes from 21" to 31".
The ribbed pattern is worked into the raglan shaping and the pattern contains very explicit details on how this is done. No second guessing required!

My challenge for next winter is to knit her a lovely blue school hoodie; something that will look pretty good with her kilt AND can be handed down to Toby!


  1. Ooh a zigzagless ziggy hoodie would look fab in 'school blue'

  2. I do blieve one in yellow or brown would be pretty spesh;)

  3. I love it and all of your patterns a ziggy skirt is next on my list.


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