Monday, October 03, 2011

blogtoberfest: day 3

You know, it's been so long since I've been regularly blogging that there is so much crafty goodness I haven't blogged. This becomes apparent when I mention to my sister Megsie from over atpint something I've made and because I haven't blogged it, she doesn't know what I'm talking about.

We're away on hols at the moment. Today was the mad rush of packing last minute things into the car and the attempt to get away on time,we never manage to do this. We're always later than we intend. oh well.

One of the most important last minute things to pack is Lily's favourite dolly Evie. I love that this is Lily's favourite dolls and she HAS TO sleep with her every night.

I made Evie a month or so ago for Lily. She is made from the Sally the Eco Fairy pattern on knitty (you can easily find it on Ravelry or by googling - sorry about the lack of a link) with a few very minor mods.

Lily saw this dolly knitted up on Rav and wanted one for herself. I always meant to knit to knit this dolly for her, it's been in my queue on Ravelry forever. So when she asked one I figured I best do it, she is after all six now! And I just really needed a change, something different to knit. Something that wasn't an item of clothing. you know how it gets.

Gosh, toy knitting is fun though! Tiny thin little limbs and pieces of clothing, oh so very cute! I have to admit I didn't enjoy sewing her limbs and head on too much though! I'm hoping to make another of these dollies but next time, she'll be completely seamless.

Our little Evie is an Eco girl too.
Her body is made from a ball of Sublime Organic cotton.
Her dress from WOOLganic Organic Knitters Merino Yarn. (and it's a modified dolly rainbow dress too)
Her hair is The Sanguine Gryphon FreeRange 8ply. I attached it as per instructions for Waldorf style dolls.
Her eyes and knickers are Rowan PureLife Organic DK wool.

She is very much loved,and is right now cuddled up and snoozing away with this big girl who refused to change out of her Pippi costume, or wash her hair the whole weekend! she's a bit cute as redhead,hey?

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  1. What a totally cute doll. I'm into toy making, although I often get so busy I don't find the time. Have found a gorgeous book with sewn toys in it and I'm looking forward to taking on one of the projects. Although my doll didn't look like yours, my twin sister and I both had a knitted doll that was made by a friend of our great grandmothers and I loved that doll and I still have the doll today.


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