Sunday, August 28, 2011

a skirt pattern...revisited

a wee while ago I posted some photos of a pattern I was working on, a skirt pattern without a name.
Well, it now has a name, and it is very very nearly ready for release. 

Today we set off to get some better photos of the skirt for the pattern pages.  The photos I took were quite wintery with Lily wearing her school undergarments [leggings and thermal] under it.  The weather here has been so totally glorious most of the time here of late. We've had a really cold and wet winter, and it has been so nice to be enjoying a burst of early Spring in most of August with temperatures hitting around 22 degrees celsius.  

Bye bye winter, I say! The cold I don't mind (and ok, I admit it really isn't that cold here, average day time maximums are around 15-17 degrees in winter.  The lowest maximum we've ever really had is perhaps 10 degrees, but to be honest I'm not sure it's even been that cold.) But the rain, far out brussel sprout, it drives me absolutely bonkers!!  We've had sooo much rain this winter!!  Which, yes it's good as we've been suffering drought for years and years but we're to school walkers and in winter, rain and cold is the pits!

But today, was another glorious day. Sunshine, how lovely it is! Flower buds appearing on the fruit trees, the garden blossoming with lots of purple and pink, which seems to be the prominent colour for Australian natives in late Winter/early Spring.  The daffodils providing an elegant burst of yellow from their pot on the back deck.  The beach, even at 5pm was sensational. 

We swapped the blue jersey for a light summery pink t-shirt, and I have to say I was pretty stoked with the results. Beautiful Spring photos full of joy and life and laughter. Gosh, she had some fun dancing in those waves!

So this little pattern will be available not too soon after the calendar turns to true Spring.

It's part of an e-book, which if you're following me on Facebook or in my Ravelry group, you might know about. But I have to admit I have been a little woeful at updating the blog of late.  

Ziggidy-doo is part of the zig-zag e-book, a little pattern book with five patterns. Two have already been released, ziggy jumper and ziggy beanie.  The other three, including ziggidy-doo, will all be released in September. All five patterns are also available individually.

I best come back tomorrow and update you on the three pattern releases that I've somehow missed out on chatting about on here.



  1. I might have to pop that ebook on my list I think as it sounds great. I love the skirt and saw the ziggy beanie the other day along with the ziggy hoodie too. You always do such great work!

  2. Yes, have to add that to my list! Love it! Will be great for my girls...


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