Wednesday, June 01, 2011

a skirt pattern

that has no name.

Well, it does sort of.

It's more of a working title though, until something more suitable pops into my head.
Ziggidy doo is the working title. yep, that's a joint effort from Lily and me!

This little skirt will be part of a little pattern series, together with a beanie and a jumper and maybe a few other things. I really love this skirt, and I can honestly say the photos don't do it justice. It really is hard to photograph a skirt.  You want to get the skirt in but you don't want to lose the personality.  But in doing that you often lose some of the detail of the skirt. Alternatively, if you photograph just the skirt

you lose the personality and that attraction of the cute model.
Tell me I'm overthinking this, please!!!

Regardless, I really do love this little skirt!
I'll tell you what I really like about it. It's not too little girly, it's a little bit more grown up without being too tweeny or too old, if you know what I mean.  It's light and not too bulky and it just seems to skim the body and hips. I guess it being on a 6 year old lean little things does help the appeal. And I just love the texture of the zigzag stitch pattern. Perhaps it could even be slimming on an adult, do you think?  I am planning to knit myself this skirt, and even write the pattern up in adult sizes...but don't hold your breathe. My track record with adult knits ain't that great at the moment!

Anyway, I've spent the afternoon grading this pattern and now it just needs a little prettying up and playing around with and it's off to the testers.

Any ideas for a pattern name will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm no good at names, but I love this skirt!

  2. Well - you knit it for me, and then I'll try it on and if it makes me look skinny, we are on a winner! I'll let you choose something nice from your stash tho.

  3. Ha I love it Fi!

    I also love this skirt.

  4. Ooh pretty, love the zigzags!

  5. hmmm, given how slack I am at finishing adult knits generally that's possibly only going to work if you want it in two year's time!

    I tried Lily's on (ah the beauty of wool) and it fit as a mini! the elastic was just a little snug around tjhe waist. I'm trying ot force myself to finish my big butterflies before starting a skirt for me, but the skirt might win I think!

  6. I would call it Ziggity, love it though and I have two girls ready to make it for.

  7. Hi! The skirt look great! I love it!

  8. Beautiful pattern! I am liking the Ziggity name! Perhaps if you're not sold on that you could change it to the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da Skirt....

    Whatever the case, I will be looking forward to knitting it! (do you have testers already or are you looking for some? I would be willing to do that if you needed it!)

  9. I like the name Tik, reminds me of zippity do da.

  10. I agree with the name though I also agree with the zippity doo da as well so lets make it ziggity doo da :D Very cute BTW

  11. Ziggy Zang Zoo:)

    I love it Tikki. I also want one in my size:)


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