Monday, December 06, 2010

At my house

The frogs are flourishing in our garden, each night their chorus of chirps reminds me that we are doing good in our garden. It is a good place for the native wildlife, despite the rainbow girl's despair at the lack of roses.

The big reds are showing off big time

The native limes are looking profusely promising.

And the little Milo boy is playing trains yet again. today the train has passengers, he climbed atop my sewing desk to steal my Addi needle tip protectors.

I did some last minute sewing for Lily's school orientation day tomorrow. Apparently Gwyneth needed a school dress to wear to the Teddy Bear picnic.

And I wore my new red shoes for the first time.

What's happening at your gaff?

Play along over at Lou lou's

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  1. Very cute having frogs in the garden. Love the new school dress and the new shoes. Lovely things at your house. Lou.

  2. Loving those shoes. Lots happening at your house - the garden is looking great:)

  3. I am ridiculously in love with your shiny red shoes. Everything looks great at your place!

    I think this is my first visit to your blog and it's lovely here. x

  4. Wow those red shoes are amazing!
    Your house is a colourful place :)

  5. Wonderful happenings at yours - the shoes are just devine. I sent you a message on rave but thought I would try here too. I just wanted to know if I can use 100% wool for the Olearia? Thanks so much


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