Friday, September 10, 2010

some testing knits

sometimes I knit other people's patterns.

I think it's something that as a designer, is really quite essential. You learn new techniques, ponder different constructions, and become more aware of all the different styles of pattern writing, and yes indeed, there are more than one style.

Last week I finished an adult knit for me, the construction was pretty familiar to me, top down raglan construction, ok, so I do that sort of thing in my sleep. But it was fun nonetheless, and has me pondering the beauty of reversible cables. I don't have any shots of it, as despite having bought the buttons on Monday, I haven't sewn them on yet.

I think I may only have one of the three left.  A certain little boy may have stolen the other two.

This winter I've also been lucky enough to test a few projects for fellow designers. That is always so much fun. As a designer, I love having other designers on board to test. It's always interesting to see how they approach their pattern development, and it is always good to have those extra brains geared towards that aspect of the pattern.

So a few of my favourites I've tested this winter have been:

Breezy by Shannon Passmore.
(pattern not yet released)

You might notice that there is only one sock finished.

It is true that five year olds are not very understanding of second sock syndrome. 

This week I have been guilt tripped into finishing that second sock. 

It is working.

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