Friday, September 10, 2010

A new pattern - Cassia

I must admit I always get a little nervous when I release a pattern. Sometimes I just sit on it, because I am so nervous. It's a funny feeling, the anticipation of a pattern release. Particularly when there are knitters who are apparently eager and waiting for its release. That really blows me away.  It's also quite daunting and I think adds to the nervousness.

What if they don't like it after all?

What if no one buys it?

What if my testers were just being nice to me, and really it's a crap pattern?

What if there is a major mistake in it I've somehow overlooked?

All these crazy thoughts play through my mind on days like this.

It's on days like this, that I've obviously released a new pattern.

Today's offering is Cassia.

It's yet another seamlessly constructed garment that can be knit as either a dress or a tunic. It's knit topdown starting from a circular yoke, and seriously is probably one of my easiest knits.  Unlike many circular yoke patterns, the increasing through the yoke section is all worked out for you. You don't have to manually work any increase rows, just follow the pattern. And like all my paid patterns, the sizes are colour coded to make it even easier.

Just quietly, I do so love this dress. It is knit in the most gorgeous coloured WOOLganics organic merino 8ply. The colourway is 'kundalini' and in the month of August I managed to knit my way through a 10 pack of this colourway, it's so gorgeous.  I wish I'd done the tunic version in the WOOLganics too now.

The sizes for the cassia start at newborn size (15 inch chest) and go right up to a girls size 12 (30 inch chest) with sizings in one inch increment. Cassia is fitted style through the chest, fitting with approximately 1 inch positive ease.

It fastens at the back with three cute little buttons.  I love these ones here, though you can't quite see them.
See that glorious red flower though, that's a cassia gum flower. Gorgeous, huh?

It's available on Rav right now for a measly $6AUD, or you can click this button here to purchase.

If you don't have paypal, feel free to pm me on Ravelry or send me an email via and I can organise a direct deposit payment for you (Australian bank account holders only).


  1. Oh very sweet. I am about to pick up knitting needles for the first time in 20 years and amke your rainbow dress (and the first time I have picked up circular needles) If I succeed and enjoy the process, I now have this one to add to my list of patterns that I want to make!

  2. Can't wait to make the tunic, but must finish other knitting first. Love it!

  3. Another very sweet beautiful pattern from you. I will have to purchase one from you tomorrow as Im about to pop off to bed but had to read what you had posted about on fb!

  4. Very pretty dress - will certainly have a go at this soon...just have to clear a few other overdue projects first.

    Well done :-)

  5. Oh Tikki, it is gorgeous! Well done! (I think I need it ;))

  6. :) You have NOTHING to worry about my dear - it is a wonderful pattern and will be much loved in our house:)

  7. It is soooo pretty. For an intermediate knitter like me it looks perfect. I'm going to give it a try, I do have two girls, afterall. Well done and THANKS for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.

  8. This is a winner!!! Just discovered your blog and am very happy. I like your girl tops and can't wait to cast on for this lovely dress.. pity I have a few other project needing to be completed first...

    all the best


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