Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rockin' Socks

As anyone who as ever been the recipient of any will tell you, there is nothing finer and more luxurious to wear than a pair of handknitted socks.  I look forward to the colder months when I can glide about the house in mine.  Not so very long ago I finished one of the cutest pairs I have ever knitted. Check them out!

Oh, those are not actually my feet though, which are indeed small but not that small.  These are Lily's little munchkin feet and her cute little socks knit out of nothing other than some scrumptious Pear Tree 4 ply in acacia.  Aren't they adorable?

I was so very very lucky to be able to test knit this pattern, it was soo much fun.  A simple easy knit and a lovely clearly written pattern. The lace ribbing is adorable and really easy to memorise. And you know what the best thing about little kids socks is? OMG they are so quick to knit, like almost instant gratification!!!  We're talking like 28grams of yarn.  perfect for sock leftovers, particularly if you have small feet like me. 

This pattern comes from the lovely Sheryl Greenfield of Shortly Stitches. Sheryl is a New Zealand based designer. I have now knit three of her patterns and I love them to bits. 

Did I mention Sheryl has just released this pattern? you should pop over and have a little purchase on Rav ; )

You'll see you can also get the mummy version of these sock s, well they could be the daddy version if the man about the house is not adverse to a bit of lace rib. How cute huh, mummy and daughter matching socks!!!  Lily would insist I make a pair for her doll Jasmine too though. She thought the mini Christmas stockings I made might make her good socks. Unfortunately they were too small and I might have promised her I'd knit Jasmine a pair of socks *what was I thinking!!!!*

Speaking of socks, I didn't show you the finished socks I knit for my FIL for Christmas, so here they are.

They're knit in 8ply and from one of Sheryl's patterns too called Jimmy . I affectionately called mine Jimmy Rogers. hehehe  i think my FIL liked them. I know my husband did and has put in an order for a pair. I love the cast on in this one and the gorgeous rib cabling, very nice!


  1. Well done, those are both gorgeous socks! :D

  2. Oh scrummy socks!! Green is my big fav.
    Must try to knit some, on the 'to try' list for this year :)

  3. Oh, these are both lovely - I have to admit seeing them on Rav already though ;)

  4. Gorgeous! I'm halfway through knitting my very first pair of socks, so this is very inspiring :)

  5. what gorgeous socks! im inspired!

  6. they both look very luxurious. I especially like the green in the top pair... very fresh but warm at the same time (?) LOL


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