Sunday, February 07, 2010

off to kindy we go

It's been a big week here with the start of the school year, big changes, getting used to new schedules, times, and being organised!!! *eek*  Andy had his first teaching day with students on Tuesday, and three days back last week. It's been hard for the kiddies not having him here all day after being used to seeing him all the time for the last six weeks.  It does make him Mr Popularity on the weekends though!!! hehehe 

The biggest change though, has been our little princess Lily starting at kindy. You know, when I look at this photo of her first day she looks so grown up and ready for it. And she was!! She was awesome. 

The first day as we walked to the gate, where she was so excited to get inside that she would barely let me take this photo (I got a "hurry up mum!" *gasp*), she asked me to stay with her for the first day.  She's doing a transition program for the first two weeks, they have half sessions with half their class. I stayed for awhile but then had to go and get some information out of the car for her enrolment form. When I told her i had to go to the car, she didn't seem to care. So I thought I might push it and not come back until the end of the lesson (45 minutes later) I honestly knew she'd be fine.

And she was. When I went and picked her up she said to me, "Mum, tomorrow I'll be fine to go to kindy all by myself".   Awwww, my baby girl is growing up.

And yep, I shed a big tear.


  1. Awwwww. Very sweet. It's nice when they are ready & want to go...

  2. It's so nice when they are confident and happy to go, full of excitement! Yay to Lily!

  3. Us too - Tommy's first day was today (we'd done visits before though) and I left him there for an hour and a half by himself! I was a little put out that he didn't mind when I was going though ;)

  4. gorgeous, it's lovely when they are ready for the next step. Enjoy your one on one time with T

  5. Awwww, well done Lil, and mama :)


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