Saturday, February 21, 2009


On our last visit to the pint household i discovered a wonderful forgotten stash of magicline in Megsie's local Spotties. I resisted but she pounced and bought a little stash for me to knit for her. If you read her blog, you may have noticed her trying to keep me honest with this post.  

Well, indeedy do there is nothing like public accountability to get one cracking and so in no time at all a parcel was winging its way back to her.
Inside there was to be found:
Some dishcloths (which apparently are still to soft to use on dishes) 

and a Tropical Tully.

Even better, we got to catch up last weekend and I got to see it on Tully personally. 


  1. Oh my goodness they look so cute together in their matching dresses, gorgeous

  2. oh those girls are just gorgeous in their Tropical tops, I love reading about their growing friendship and such a beautiful thing..

  3. Oh they look so beautiful in their matching tops Tik!! Best friends and cousins, too cute :)


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