Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The bushfires in Victoria... 

there has been so much blogging about this horrendous tragedy, so much outpourings of grief, shock and despair... I haven't blogged about it because I can't.  I really have nothing to add, I'm pretty much lost for words as to what to say or think. It just brings me to tears every time I think about it.   

It's so totally incomprehensible... I just feel so overwhelmed with sadness.  

Whole towns wiped out by fire.... I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like to be there. 

It's something no one should have to experience.

I'm doing what I can to help.  I need to help.

I'm involved with a little store Victorian Bushfire Relief over on ozebaby. (thank you Janie)  we're trying to raise money to donate to the victims of these bushfires. A number of WAHPs and crafty type people are donating items to be auctioned off. If you want to join us drop me an email at   We've also got a couple of sister stores over at the Cloth Pad Shop and Yarn Collective, all raising money for the relief appeal who are also auctioning off donated items. 

Please help where you can. It is much needed.


  1. I hear you Tikki, my own little problems seems so trivial in light of the loss experienced by so many.I emailed you today about a donation for the store - i hope you got it.

  2. DH & I are just sick especially after recently visitng your beautiful country. Our prayers are with you all.


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