Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday!

This Wednesday almost came and past me by without me actually realising it was Wednesday. 

We've had a busy day, cycling to school and then into town to revisit Lily's old  kindie and reacquaint Toby with it. The last time he visited he had just turned two. It's hard to believe that he will be attending there next year as a four year old!

It's such a fabulous inspiring kindergarten! You know it's the right place when the teachers are excited to see the kids' visiting and they say to them, "You're welcome to come back and visit and play any time this year!" How special is that!

We've been into the city to buy paint and a new bicycle helmet and lunched in the beautiful Barwon Heads. A wee bit of knitting was accomplished in the car on the way in and out of Geelong, and while waiting outside the bicycle store for what seemed like an eternity, but apparently was only about 30 minutes!!!! 

I have no photos of what I am knitting at the moment, which is not really part of the game, is it? Perhaps I shall be good and add one in the morning. BUT I have just finished knitting my kiddies some fabulous mittens, so I'll share some pics of those instead.

A bit of photo overload but these are fabulous and so fun!

These fabulous little mittens are knit from Sheryl Greenfield's new Leaf Mitten pattern
Can you tell I enjoyed this pattern?

Unfortunately for you, it is not available to the general public until January 2013 as it was part of a Yarn and Pattern Club run by Red Riding Hood Yarns.  

But Sheryl has plenty of other fabulous patterns you could try! 
You can find her patterns in her Ravelry pattern store over here

My little mitten knittin' spree helped us brave the cold climate of our mountain country while we spent a few days in the Dandenong Ranges and the kids saw snow for the first time.  My mittens are still on the needles, well one is anyway.

And what am I reading?
I'm reading Gillian Slovo's 'Every Secret Thing'. Gillian is the daughter of anti-apartheid activists Ruth First and Joe Slovo. It's a great read; it's described by one reviewer as a brave book, and I'd agree.  I'm really enjoying it, even though it deals with events and people that were the generation before mine, so not ones that I am completely familiar with. 

Pop on over and join the Yarn Along. (link at the top there)

mittens ravelled here and here


  1. I love these mittens! Sounds like an interesting book, will have to look it up!

  2. Lovely Blog!
    Regards from Zürich, colette


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