Thursday, March 15, 2012


This year, I have loads of things I intend to do. Sort of like a Resolution List, but not quite that organised or boding. Nothing quite so confronting, just some little ideas that play around in my head.

I intend to blog more.
I intend to garden more and bring some love and life back into our native garden.
I intend to sew more, particularly now I have a sewing space again.
I intend to cherish my little cherubs, and enjoy them as much as possible.
I intend to not to overcommit myself.
I intend to become a domestic goddess.
I intend to yarn bomb.
I intend to espouse the value of creativity as and essential part of learning, as important as the acquisition of any literacy or numeracy skills.
I intend to cycle more.
I intend to walk every day.
I intend to not allow the knitting thing to get too overwhelming.
I intend to knit for myself.
I intend to embrace the frivolous side of crafting.

Most of all, I intend to have fun!

So far I'm doing ok!


  1. Sounds like a great plan - good luck!
    I had a resolution to make 2011 my selfish knitting year..... didn't happen. Made too much for other people. I'll try to squeeze more in for me in 2012...well, here's hoping....

  2. I intend to say - your daugther has a beautifull soul shining through her eyes. All the best for you and your familly.

  3. My smile was for the red gumboots :)
    Quinn has inherited a pair here and wears them everywhere - the beach, to the park, to the shop... ;)

    I think I have run out of brain space for this year's 'intend to' - but I'm gonna give 'more fun' a good crack!

    Good luck ;)


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