Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pippi Longstocking

I love a good literary dress-up day, no dress-up excites me more than one that is book themed. So I was pretty stoked to hear that Lily's school would be having a dress-up day to celebrate Book Week, and the children were encouraged to come dressed as their favourite book character.

I was even more pleased that Lily didn't choose a fairy character or one of the many princesses that have been Disneyified. No, she chose a classic book character. Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi Longstocking is one of our absolute favourite books to read. Our copy of Pippi Longstocking is the version that contains illustrations by Lauren Child. While the stories are still the same crazy and hilarious adventures, Pippi takes on a whole new look with Lauren Child's influence.  Gone is the patched dress and daggy hat. While the iconic striped socks are retained, our Pippi has a preference for floral dresses.

With this in mind we set about creating the perfect Pippi.

And I think we got it pretty right!

I love this Pippi outfit!  It's so much fun and has lots of impact for not a lot of effort.

When I took Lily to school so many people thought we must have got up so early to get this all done. nope. Easiest hairstyle I've done all year.

All you need is 6 pipe cleaners, (or chenille sticks as I think they're called now), 4 elastic bands, 2 ribbons and a can of red hair spray.

Tie hair in two low pigtails. Stick three pipe cleaners in each pigtail and using each pipe cleaner as the basis for each section, plait the pigtails. Tie them up. Spray head liberally with red hair spray (remember to cover face and clothes). Let dry and tie on some green ribbons.

The thing with the red hair spray is to make sure the can says water soluble. Don't be conned into purchasing the stuff from the $2 Shop either, not a good idea. We got ours from the Pharmacy, it's made by Zo and washed out super easy. No scalp staining either. Before I washed it out, I tested it by running a wet cotton bud down Lily's part and it came off so easily.

Add some extra freckles with a eye liner pencil.

Slip into a floral frock, pull on some stripey knee high socks and buckle up your school shoes; and Pippi is done!

If you're feeling extra adventurous find a toy monkey (Mr Nielson) and your favourite hobby horse, and trot on off to school!

She soooo loved being Pippi, so much so that she wore the outfit to bed complete with pigtails still in (we covered her pillow with a towel).... and all the next day too!!!


  1. Great job she looks fantastic and very happy. my grandies love Pippi.One went as Pippi to last years book fest.

  2. I loved reading Pippi Longstocking too!!!

    What a great idea to get dressed up like her!!!

  3. She looks so happy!! I was thrilled too when my little one wanted to be a dalmation rather than Tinkerbell/Cinderella etc.

  4. Hey Georgie, she looks fab. My kids had their book day today! It was heaps of fun, my 9 year old daughter went as one of the sisters from Little Women, complete with the full bun-net, oversized bow and big skirt. Despite trying desperately to convince my 8 year old son that the movies came BEFORE the book, he went as a Jedi Knight, so we made a cool cape and belt and my 5 year old daughter looked adorable as Madeline (complete with my nieces borrowed Aussie school dress, not unlike Lily's one), and a straw hat with black bow. I had as much fun as them. Such a neat idea. (Now I had to dress up the 3 and 2 year boys left behind who don't want to miss out on the action!

  5. That is so cute. My daughter is loving reading Pippi at the moment.

  6. Awesome costume! When my daughter was about that age, she decided to be Alice in Wonderland for their book day. It was so much fun to create.

  7. FANTASTIC!!!! We had wacky hair day last month and my efforts revolved around a wig and crepe paper flowers. I must remember this for next time! Well done x


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