Thursday, November 30, 2006

What happens when DH goes away and NC goes down....

My sewing room becomes incredibly organised and tidy LOL

I paid a visit to the Hardware store and bought three big tubs to store my fabric as there is now too much for the bottom of the cupboard ~ eep!!! and the other bottom cornercupboard houses all my wool!!!

In fact, much of the house is incredibly tidy. I even culled my shoe collection down to 52 pairs ~ a pretty neat effort really. So they're all neatly laid out in my wardrobe too. :D This morning Lily selected a pair of pink and orange wedge heels (going out shoes) to wear with my cargo pants ~ nice one Lily!!! She definitely has a penchant for heels and dresses.

On the down side, there is a bird stuck in the roof and the side vision mirror on the car broke on the way back from Mum's on Tuesday ~ I had to fix that with some gaffa tape LOL ~ some jobs for Andy when he gets home :D


  1. woo hoo for clean up days! One day I'll get to mine ;-)

    LOL at the cull to 52 pairs of shoes- you must need a wardrobe just for them!

  2. yahoo great job there! sometimes having no NC is a blessing!

  3. I will just call you Emelda from now on ;) Go Lily - I think she will be a future Stylist :)

  4. and to think i have a pair of hiking boots that don't fit me anymore that i was gonna give you!


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