Cottage License Information

so just what is a cottage license?
A cottage license is an agreement between a designer and knitter that legally permits the knitter to knit and sell garments knit from the designer's pattern/s.

A list of  tiKKi Cottage License holders Worldwide and their contact details can be found by clicking the tab above.

Holding a cottage license also acts as a guarantee of quality for purchasers as all licensees' workmanship has been carefully assessed and approved.

Patterns are sold separately to licenses.
In order for a license to be granted, a valid pattern must have been legally purchased.

Cottage License holders are listed here on my blog.
Those with facebook pages, are also linked to on my facebook page and can be found in my page's favourites.

what does a license cost and what sort are there?
There are a number of different Cottage License options available to suit a wide variety of knitters:

Single Pattern Unlimited License $40AUD
Duration: one year.
A Single Pattern Unlimited License permits the licensee to knit and sell an unlimited number of garments from one tikki pattern over the course of one year.

Single Pattern Limited License $20AUD
Duration: one year.
A Single Pattern Limited License permits the licensee to knit and sell a maximum of five (5) garments from one tikki pattern over the course of one year.

Pattern Range Unlimited License $120AUD
Duration: one year.
A Pattern Range Unlimited License permits the licensee to knit and sell an unlimited number of garments from my entire pattern range over the course of the year. This included any patterns added to the range during the period of the license.

Single Pattern Lifetime License $50AUD
Duration: forever!
A Single Pattern Lifetime License permits the licensee to knit and sell an unlimited number of garments  from one tikki pattern for forever!
A Lifetime License is only available for existing license holders. License holders must have held a license for a minimum of one year before updating to a lifetime license. 

Discounts apply for the purchase of Unlimited Cottage Licences for more than one pattern.
An Unlimited Cottage Licence for a second pattern costs $35, Unlimited Cottage Licences for third and subsequent patterns cost $30.

How do I apply for a license?

If you wish to apply for a licence the following steps will need to be undertaken.

1. Read the following Terms and Conditions below  to ensure that you are able to abide by them.

2. Ensure you have purchased a valid version of the patterns that you wish to knit and sell garments from (if applicable).

3. Email a series of at least 5 photographs including close ups of an example of the garment that you wish to sell to . If you are on Rav, it is fine to send me links to such photographs in your project page.
In your email please include:
• details of the storefront you plan to sell through, a web address or market address.
• Your Rav name (if applicable)
• Which pattern/s you wish to knit and sell from.
• Your address and phone contact details.
• Business details, how long you’ve been in business, what do you sell, etc.
• Any other information that you feel is relevant.

4. I will then contact you, usually within a week of receiving your application to either approve or deny your licence application or request further information or photographs.

5. If your licence application is approved, you will be sent payment details for both direct deposit and paypal. To take up the licence you will need to make payment within 5 working days.

6. You will also be emailed a Schedule, which outlines the details of the Cottage Licence, including period of the licence and the patterns you are licensed to knit and sell from. You will need to sign this and return it prior to the Licence being activated.

7. The Licence will only be granted upon receipt of payment and the signed Schedule.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Cottage License.

  • The Licensor (Georgie Hallam, registered business name tiKKI) remains the sole copyright owner of all tikki patterns, future patterns and modifications of the pattern lines.  All patterns remain the intellectual property of the Licensor.

  • The Licensor grants a Cottage  Licence to sell garments hand-knit from the pattern/s under the following restrictions and requirements.

  • This Cottage Licence is granted upon payment of an annual fee of $40 AUD for one 12 month Unlimited Licence or $20 AUD for one 12 month Limited Licence. Different rates apply for those Licensees with permission to sell from more than one pattern.

  • This Licence is granted on the undertaking that all garments are hand knit by the Licensee only.  The use of a knitting machine to knit garments is not permitted under the terms of this licence.

  • The Licensor reserves the right to revoke licenses for any breach of this agreement or if the Licensee is deemed to be engaging in unethical or illegal business practises.  

  • This Licence does not permit commercial manufacturing nor commercial production of the garments in any shape, manner or form.  Under the terms and conditions of this Licence, commercial would refer to a large-scale operation; an amount that is beyond the capacity of one person to produce by hand. 

  • For a licence to be granted, the Licensee must submit a series of close up and full garment photographs detailing the quality of the applicant’s work..

  • Garments made from the pattern/s can only be sold through public storefronts such as a bricks and mortar store, market stands, online stores, blogs, facebook pages or online mall store.   Licensees’ names, store details and websites will be linked from the tikki blog.

  • Garments constructed from the pattern/s must be sold with the relevant sizing stipulated as well as chest and length measurement.  Garment descriptions must also include yarn base and colourway where applicable. Garments are to be knit in the recommended weight yarn and in yarn that is suitable for the garment types.

  • Garment descriptions must include the following statement; “This garment is hand knit with permission under a tiKKi cottage licence.”

  • Any minor deviations from the pattern should be stipulated in the garment description. Any major alterations/modifications need the approval of the Licensor. 

  • The Licensee is responsible for abiding by any current and future federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to their own home business as well as any and all laws and regulations that pertain to any manufacturing of goods they perform in their home and the sale of such goods.

  • The Licensor makes no guarantee or promise with regard to income derived from the use of the pattern/s and or purchase of this License.

  • The Licensor reserves the right to decline the sale of a licence to any person, for any reason.

  • The Licensor assumes no liability for any loss or injury on the part of the Licensee, their business or customers. 

In agreeing to these terms and conditions the Licensee indemnifies Georgie Hallam from any liability whatsoever.